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Monday Passes with Cornhuskers Still Held Hostage

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Another Monday. Rumors persist because we want them to, but there is still no sign of Bill Callahan being fired, nor Kevin Cosgrove resigning. Brian Christopherson at the Lincoln Journal Star blog "Life in the Red" has an entry regarding today's comments from the Big 12 coach's teleconference:

The first question asked of him (Bill C.): At this point, after what happened at Kansas, is there any reason to believe you're going to be back at Nebraska?

After a nine-second pause, the answer: "Yes, the thing I would say to that, I'm going to let the powers that be make those decisions. All I'm going to do is prepare our team for Kansas State and do the best I can. I think that's all any coach can do, is do the best he can with the situation he's in. That's what we're trying to do."

The second question asked of him: Has anyone from the university come and asked for a resignation?

Answer: "You know what, I respect your question, but those are issues that I would have to defer right now to the higher-ups. Again, the situation is very disappointing for us and we're working through it the best we can. It's one of those years we just haven't performed to the standard we want to perform at, so I'll let the higher-ups and whoever the decision-makers are make those decisions."

I don't know what else he's supposed to say.  Put yourself in his position. He has a contract buy-out waiting, said to be around $3M. It's easy to say that you'd resign and walk away from a fat pay out when you're not in that position. I certainly wouldn't, knowing that when I got home Mrs. Corn Nation would be waiting at the door with most of my stuff, wishing me well on my way back to the bottom.

Fire Bill Callahan has an update on how bad this season is and more importantly, how badly it's going to end. You really want Bill and Kevin leaving before their names are attached to the records they'll no doubt achieve? I don't.  I know that I'm getting redundant in stating that, but I want to be clear about it - these two guys have run this program into the ground. They deserve to have their names associated with as much badness as possible.

We're not to far away from freedom. Probably around 18 days.

You can live that long, can't you?

At what point do you want me to put up a countdown?