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Volleyball: Kansas State Takes Two Then Nebraska Fights Back

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Nebraska lost the first two games, 24-30, 27-30, then took the next two 30-25, 30-19. Kansas State was never in game five, which Nebraska won 15-8. I didn't see the first two games, but pulled up the live stats, went into shock, and found that was showing the match over the Internet and watched it online.

The Cornhusker volleyballers seem to have this problem from time to time - starting slow, then they become like a boulder sliding down a mountain. Jordan Larson came on fire in game four and continued in game five. It was good to see as Larson hasn't played that well in the past couple weeks. Larson finished with 12 kills, hitting .242. Tracy Stalls finished with 15 kills, hitting .480 and nine blocks. Sarah Pavan would not be beaten, finishing with season-high 31 kills, hitting .375.

Games three, four and five were great volleyball, although its disturbing that Nebraska needed to be behind two games to get interested in the match. That's the problem that coach John Cook must fight the rest of the season. There may come a time at which they cannot recover.

Nebraska is fighting Texas for the Big 12. If they were to lose a match, Texas will most likely take it. When the volleyball tourney comes there is no margin for error, so it's possible that this team would finish with no championships to it's name.

That's why it's such a fine line between success and failure for these young women.