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Morning Coffee - Anticipation

Husker fans everywhere are engrossed in the coaching search. There's still a Big 12 title game out there, and an exciting one it should be. I'm leaning towards Mizzou, mostly because of Chase Daniel.

The NCAA blog Double-A Zone commends Nebraska on doing a coach search the right way:

Osborne and the Huskers aren’t obligated to hire Gill instead of Pelini because he’s black, but they do have the responsibility to interview and consider a diverse slate of candidates. They seem to have done a good job of that.

Corn Nation will feature more on the issue of involving diversity in a coaching search later today.

Brandon at Hi-Plains Drifter responds to national media comments by Pat Forde and Gene Wojciechowski that the Nebraska job isn't all it's cracked up to be.

EDSBS has an interesting take on how one Nebraska fan is dealing (or NOT) with how bad we are this year. He chimes in on Tom Osborne selecting hisself as interim head coach.

Steve at Big Red Network defines success for the next Nebraska coach. is gone now, redirecting to the web site.
A little odd since the domain owner is:
Board of Regents University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  113 South Stadium
  Lincoln, NE 68588


  Administrative Contact:
     Muff, Eric                
     University of Nebraska
     113 South Stadium
     Lincoln, NE 68588

Tonight's Nebraska versus  volleyball game versus South Dakota State will be streamed live for free at