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ESPN Announcing Bo Pelini As Next Head Cornhusker Coach

ESPN is announcing that Nebraska has selected Bo Pelini as the next head coach of the Cornhuskers. Since ESPN has announced the story, others are following.

Comments from Tom Osborne:

"I'm not going to comment," Osborne said. "There are so many reports with the Internet and the radio and all of that. When the time comes, they'll be an annoucement and it will be final."
He said such an annoucement is still "a couple two or three days away."
Osborne added: "We've interviewed several people. I don't know if we'll interview anybody else. We're just going to let things take their course."

Reading through the comments at the "Life in the Red" blog  I'm amazed at the number of people who somehow think that Turner Gill is going to come back and coach along with Bo Pelini. It ain't happening.
Pelini is denying it:

Pelini, the Cornhuskers' defensive coordinator in 2003, denied the report when reached by the Lincoln Journal Star.
"I honestly don't know where they're getting their information," Pelini said in a story on the paper's Web site.

I'll believe it when Tom Osborne announces Bo Pelini as head coach. It isn't because I don't want Pelini as our head coach. I just believe that this process hasn't yet been completed but that ESPN and others have gone ahead with the story because there are so many rumors that it's hard to deny. I could easily be wrong, happens every day, just ask Mrs Corn Nation.