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Nebraska vs Kansas Post Game Reaction

In a word, pathetic. You'd think that as a paid, experienced professional, Kevin Cosgrove would at least make an effort through the rest of the season even though he knows his time at Nebraska is done. It should be an embarrassment to him personally and professionally, but I suspect he doesn't give a damn. Could it have been any clearer that this team has stopped playing for him?

Forget the idea that he (or Bill Callahan) should resign or be fired. He shouldn't. He shouldn't be let off the hook. At the end of the season, we can write about how this is the worst season in Nebraska's history and it can be attributed to him without any asterisks attached. This becomes more important as times marches on. Think about that for a minute. When my sons are old enough to have their own kids, they can look in a record book somewhere and Kevin Cosgrove's name will be attached to this season.

2007 - Kevin Cosgrove - Coach of the Worst Nebraska Defense in school history.

You fire him or Callahan now, and you have to put a little asterisk next to their names. Screw that.

  • Lost in today's debacle was Joe Ganz' debut as a starter. He did pretty well until he started trying to do too much in the second half and started throwing interceptions. 25 of 50 for 405 yards. That's a debut we expected from Keller.
  • Maurice Purify showed what happens when someone bothers to throw the ball in his direction. The one-handed touchdown pass from Ganz was probably the prettiest play of the season.... except that isn't saying much, is it? Great day for Mo, 7 receptions, 158 yards and three TD's.
  • Is it clear to everyone now that this coaching staff will be gone at the end of the season? Perhaps a couple retained, but certainly not Bill Callahan and not Kevin Cosgrove.
  • How bad is it? So bad the guys on defense aren't even bothering to play for self-respect reasons anymore. That's a point at which you've really hit rock bottom.
  • Under the circumstances, I think Nebraska fans have done a pretty good job of not getting on the players. That's great because most of them are still going to be our players next year.
  • Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove deserve all of the derision they can get. It shouldn't be vulgar or profane, but it should be something that stick with them. With that in mind, I'd like Corn Nation readers to come up with nicknames for these two. Again, nothing vulgar or profane. Something you could put on a child's t-shirt and take them to the mall.
  • We are now 4-6, and 1-5 in the Big 12. 4-8 is a given now, isn't it?