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Search 2007: Top Ten Reasons Turner Gill is Nebraska's Next Head Coach (And Five Why He Won't)

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Tom Osborne says that Bo Pelini wasn't offered the job. Neither was Turner Gill. For the record, neither have I.

Not all that shocking, is it? If you wrecked your car, and you're determined to get three estimates you don't automatically take the first without checking out the other two, now do you? Oh, you do. Well, Tom Osborne is more patient than you!

Speaking of patient, have you ever seen Turner Gill lose his temper? Ever? No? That's because he's patient too, and in honor of that patience, we have the Top Ten Reasons as to why Gill is our next head coach (as well as five reasons he won't.)

  1. Beat Pelini in arm-wrestling competition, fair and square (as if there's any other way).
  1. So full of gooey-icky goodness that mothers everywhere will send their sons to play for Nebraska.
  1. Already has a whole wardrobe of red clothes ready to wear.
  1. Intricate understanding of everything option allows him to assist defensive coordinator defending the spread offense, something humongously lacking in previous regime.
  1. It's 'bout time for Nebraska's first black head coach and he's the guy.
  1. Said something negative about another kid when he was in eighth grade. That was the last time he did that.
  1. Not an offensive 'system' guy. Can adapt, therefore offense doesn't take two years to learn and have a season to play before reaching comfort level of execution.
  1. If he's successful, he'll be around a loooooonnnng time, providing that security-blanket consistency Nebraskans want in a head coach.
  1. Understands every inch of Nebraska tradition. When he says the walk-on program will be brought back, and it isn't any higher than it was under Callahan, we'll accept it because it's Turner Gill saying it. Hard feeling begone!
  1. Scoring Explosion? You know it!

And Five Reasons He Won't

  1. Tom Osborne likes Gill too much as a person to put him into the grinder that is Nebraska football.
  1. As long as Tom Osborne is around, Turner Gill will never get credit for success. It'll still be Osborne's success. If he fails, it'll be Gill's failure. It's a no-win situation for Gill.
  1. Not enough head coaching experience. Buffalo? Ha!
  1. In another year, he'll have an established head coaching resume, get more money with less pressure, less expectations, all more conducive for success. That's a wining situation.
  1. The idea that Gill can magically re-create the past and therefore Osborne/Devaney success sets expectations so high that no one including Osborne hissself could ever reach them. Why set himself up for failure?