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Fire Bill Callahan! Oh... wait....

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Here's what they're saying about the firing of Bill Callahan:

Stewart Mandel sums it up very well:

Along the way, he stopped recruiting in-state players, eliminated Nebraska’s steep tradition of walk-ons, disillusioned former Huskers greats … basically, it was a four-year nightmare, and I’m sure Nebraska fans were thrilled to wake up this morning knowing it was finally over.

Can't disagree with that sentiment. His picks for our next coach come down to Jim Grobe of Wake Forest or Turner Gill.

Chip Brown gives us a little bit different list of names

The hot young names out there are Boise State's Chris Petersen, Cincinnati's Brian Kelly and Rutgers' Greg Schiano.

If calls aren't being made to those coaches, then Osborne is short-circuiting his own search. Guys like Petersen, Kelly and Schiano will respect and embrace the Nebraska tradition. You don't have to have someone who has worked at Nebraska to know that.

but states that the problem with Pelini and Gill is that neither have a proven track record.

Oklahoma blogger Crimson and Cream Machine won't miss Callahan at all.

Husker bloggers Big Red Network, Husker Mike, Big Red Anaysis, Midwest Coast Bias podcast, Hi Plains Drifter, and DXP all chime in on the events.

You know what's missing here. What's missing is all the angry, hateful "don't let the door hit you in the ass" statements that bloggers are supposed to be known for  (or at least that's how we're portrayed). Look around and you're not seeing that. You'd think at least one Nebraska blogger would have let loose with a tirade. Even Fire Bill Callahan doesn't rave on about it. Neither does EDSBS.

Reasonable bloggers? That seems so wrong, doesn't it?