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Welcome to D-Day for Nebraska Football

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The Lincoln Journal-Star reports that the media was informed to be on alert for e-mail announcements starting at 6:30 am Saturday morning.  I predicted a couple of days ago that nothing would happen until Monday...but that looks to be wrong.  The issue with the Nebraska-Creighton basketball still holds, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of press conference at 9 or 10 am tomorrow morning.

Dennis Franchione announced his resignation from Texas A&M shortly after defeating Texas today; one hopes that Callahan's impending departure is as amicable.

Several former Huskers (namely Damon Benning and Matt Davison) have been quoted as saying that any coaching search will likely be very short...perhaps being over as soon as December 5th.

Let the healing begin.

UPDATE:  7:20 am
A press conference has been scheduled for 9:30 am this morning with Tom Osborne.  Live coverage can be expected on most Nebraska TV stations and their web sites.  The following have already indicated coverage plans:

UPDATE:  8:10 am
WOWT-Channel 6 reports that Bill Callahan arrived at Memorial Stadium at 7:20 am and departed at 7:35 am.  The Lincoln Journal-Star says the meeting between Callahan and Osborne only lasted 10 minutes. Pretty much says it all, I think.

UPDATE:  8:50 am
Sean Callahan of Huskers Illustrated confirms on WOWT-Channel 6 that Bill Callahan was terminated this morning.

UPDATE:  9:15 am
The Lincoln Journal-Star reports that Nebraska has already contacted Bo Pelini via an Atlanta search firm.