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2007 College Football Predictions Week 13

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Wacky, crazy, nutty butty year but still lots left, including the greatest weekend of the year.

I haven't seen the clamoring and screaming for a playoff system this year. Did all you playoff-wanting guys get your fill last year, or have you looked around this year and finally discovered that we already have a playoff system in place? Or is it that I'm too early in jabbin' at ya?

  • Big 12 Games

  • Nebraska @ Colorado

    Line: Colorado by 4.5

    Husker Mike: I've been so wrong the last few weeks with Nebraska, it's not funny.  Pick a Texas blowout, NU fights hard.  Think that NU turned the corner, NU gets a$$blasted by KU for 76.  Figure KSU is going to finish us off, and we rebound. I should pick Colorado, just to ensure a Husker victory.  Kiss of death:  NU 38, Colorado 28

    corn blight: Colorado doesn't run no spread. They can't get pressure on the quarterback. We're feeling more confident with the Ganz. Nebraska 38, Colorado 24

    corn blight: It's Ralphie IV's last game.

    Husker Mike: Probably BC's as well

  • Missouri -  Kansas at Kansas City - The Civil War

    Line: Kansas by 2

    Husker Mike:  Mizzou has too many weapons on their side:  Daniel, Maclin, Rucker, Kaufman, Quantrill. Kansas has only two things going for them:  Mangino and the Pinkel Factor. Mizery 42, Rock Chalk 31

    corn blight: Is this a game or what? Both of these teams have been downplayed because of the Big 12 North's history over the past few years but these things always run in spurts. Take the more experienced quarterback. Mizzou 48, Jayhawks 45 OT

    Both of us agree that that there is at least a 25% chance of riot. Since Arrowhead is in Missouri, the Missouri National Guard will probably take out most of the KU fans...

  • Bedlam!  - Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma
    Line:  Oklahoma by 12

    Husker Mike:  Bradford is probably going to play.  He's practicing.....just waiting for clearance from the docs, but Stoops sounds optimistic. If so...  OU 38, OSU 10

    corn blight: Gundy sucks on the road. Mike should have taken out his frustrations on a male reporter. Sooners 35, Cowboys 13

  • Kansas State @ Fresno State

    Line: Fresno by 1

    Husker Mike: Wildcats free-fallin'.... Fresno St. 35, KSU 17

    corn blight:  The suckage is high in Manhattan. Fresno State 27, KSU 20

  • Texas @ Texas A&M

    Line: Texas by 5.5

    Husker Mike: Vegas is thinking "Bad Texas" and "One last hurrah for Fran". Good Texas suddenly thinking about sneaking into the Big XII championship game.  And A&M sends Fran out a loser...
    Eyes of Texas  31,  Fran's e-mail list to athletic directors all across Conference USA and the WAC 7

    corn blight:  I'll pick Texas in this one. The Aggies don't have a lot to play for. Except that they hate Texas with a passion and would love to ruin their lives, steal their women and take over Austin. Texas 31, Ags 23

    Games of the Week

  • Boise State @ Hawaii

    Line: Warriors by 3.5

    Husker Mike: I wish I was in Hawaii 45, I'm glad I'm not in Boise 38
    corn blight: Boise State could do us all a favor and beat the Warriors. Which means they won't. And add more chaos to an already chaotic season. Warriors 48, Boise State beach lovers 43

  • USC @ Arizona State

    Line: USC by 3.5

    Husker Mike: USC has been fighting off suckage most of the 2nd half of the season...Arizona State 35, USC 27

    corn blight: I don't like USC. Great athletes, but not a great team. I'd really like USC to win this game, but I don't see it happening. The Sun Devils are at home with more confidence. ASU 31, USC 30

  • UConn @ West Virginia

    Line: Mountaineers by 17

    Husker Mike: UConn had me until they got bombed by Cincy. Mountaineers 35, Huskies 16

    corn blight:  Maybe the Mountaineers are thinking more about the Big 12 outcome than this game? Won't make a difference.  Mountaineers 41, Huskies 23

  • Arkansas @ LSU

    Line: LSU by 12.5

    Husker Mike: Miles to Michigan 38, Nutt to Unemployment Office 13

    corn blight: Will the Razorbacks continue to play for Nutt?

    Husker Mike: Why Start Now?
    corn blight: Good point. LSU 35, Razorbacks 17

  • Virginia War: Virginia Tech @ Virginia

    Line: Virginia Tech by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Before bombing Miami in the Orange Bowl finale, Virginia previous 5 games had been decided by 10 points total. Including a 2 point victory over Middle Tennessee...Hokies 31, Wahoos 10

    corn blight: Hokies 31, Cavaliers 23

  • Iron Bowl: Alabama @ Auburn

    Line: Auburn by 6

    Husker Mike:  Auburn 21, Saban Nation 17
    corn blight:  Auburn 28, 'Bama 14

  • Tennesee @ Kentucky

    Line: Kentucky by 3

    Husker Mike: Fulmer just seems to find a way to win enough games to keep from being fired...Fulmer escapes the grim reaper again. Fulmer 31, Has Basketball Started Yet 23

    corn blight: Kentucky is at home and has more self-esteem. The Vols have more crimes, though, but you don't get points for that. Kentucky 33, Fulmer's Belly 27