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Bill Callahan - Unsuccessful But No Turkey

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Couldn't help but notice released their 2007 Turkeys of the Year. There are 22 of them which seems like quite a few.

Who's That Turkey?

Who's not on the list? Bill Callahan, that's who.

Why not? Because the only thing that Bill Callahan has done wrong is lose too many football games. Go through the list and you'll find people excoriated for a variety of reasons beyond mere losing.

Okay, Charlie Weis makes the list for losing, but losing with a Bill Parcells-instilled arrogance as if all his NFL wins counted for something in college. If he were a metaphorical turkey, Texas could feast for years upon his ego alone.

Nick Saban is in there for his overall arrogance and asinine comment that losing to ULM last week was comparable to 9/11. If the day comes that Alabama wins a national title with him as coach, do you think that anyone BUT Crimson Tide fans will respect it? I doubt they care that much, though.

Even Mike Gundy makes the list for his "I'm A Man I'm 40" bashing of a female reporter. It at first seemed like a good thing to Oklahoma State, but Gundy will never live it down. As time marches on, he'll look like more of a fool than he did then.

Callahan didn't make the list because he's no turkey. He's had few problem players, few Gundy-like outbursts, and seems to have kept Nebraska's academic expectations intact. He hasn't lived up to the expectations he set regarding wins and losses but he hasn't destroyed the program either, even though it feels that way sometime.

Now, Steve Pederson. That guy is a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!