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2007 Blogpoll Week 12 Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Kansas 2
2 LSU 2
3 West Virginia 2
4 Missouri 2
5 Georgia 2
6 Virginia Tech 2
7 Arizona State 5
8 Oklahoma 7
9 Texas --
10 Oregon 8
11 Hawaii 4
12 Boise State 1
13 Florida --
14 Virginia --
15 Ohio State 1
16 Tennessee 1
17 Clemson 7
18 Connecticut 1
19 Boston College 3
20 Southern Cal 1
21 Wisconsin 2
22 Cincinnati 4
23 Auburn 2
24 Illinois 2
25 Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Penn State (#20), Michigan (#24).

Is this parity? Is that what this is? I'm pretty sure I don't like it. Look at this mess. Why is Georgia #5? I don't think they deserve it, but they've worked their way up and into that position.

I feel like I should have dropped Oklahoma further, but I still think they're a better team than Texas. I'd take them against Oregon and everyone else below them and that's why I kept them higher than I'd like.

There's still plenty to prove - obviously everyone will be watching the Kansas - Missouri game. The winner of that will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game and there's no reason to believe why the Big 12 North won't prevail. People tend to base their beliefs on the previous year's experience and that idea went out the window in the first couple weeks of this season.

Ohio State doesn't get much credit this week for beating Michigan because the Big 10 sucks this year. A whole lot of unimpressive teams.

Southern Cal doesn't get a lot of respect because they're a team full of highly rated athletes that really isn't very good. Oregon without Dixon? Thanks for leaving Arizona State on top there guys, really appreciate what you've done for that hired gun Dennis Erickson.