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Bill Callahan's Last Words?

The last words from Bill?

Yesterday Bill Callahan may have given his last press conference as the head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, as he's closed the rest of his practices to the media this week. Can't say I blame him. There's a game left against a rival (or the closest thing we have to one at this point in time) and we could get to a bowl game if we win it.

Bill stated that his main focus is on winning the game against the Colorado Buffaloes:

On his expectations for his postseason meeting with Athletic Director Tom Osborne

"I’m not worried about next week, next month or next year for that matter.  I’m just really focused on this game.  That’s all I’m focused on is the preparation and performance of our team against Colorado.  That’s where I’ve been for the last week or so in my mindset and focus, and I hope our team has the same way.  No disrespect, but we’re just focused on Colorado."

If I were Bill Callahan, I wouldn't be worried either given that regardless of what happens, its a win for me. If I win the game, Nebraska gets to a bowl game and I could warp that into some sort of vindication that the team was lost and I pulled it back from the brink of destruction.

If I'm fired after winning, Nebraska will have fired two coaches after they've coached their teams to bowl games, so in my mind, Nebraska ends up looking stupid, not me. Or at the least they end up looking like their expectations are astronomic and unable to be met by anyone from this planet.

If I lose the game, and it costs me my job, I get a multi-million dollar contract buyout. That doesn't suck either.

There are at least 20-30 trick plays in my playbook that haven't been seen by anyone. I'd spend the week working on those. Yeeehaaa! It's great to be me!

Don't worry, be happy!

don't know where I'll be next year
Husker fans say anywhere but here,
don't worry, be happy
Tom Osborne may throw me out
but at least I get a big buyout
don't worry, be happy

and the rest of the lyrics are up to you.....