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Who's That Guy? Colorado's #44 - Jordon Dizon!

It happens every game. You're watching the TV and some guy is continually making plays for the other team. You didn't think it possible, but the guy is some kind of machine or he's having a great game all the while you're sitting there wondering:

Who's That Guy Wearing #44?

Think perky, cheerleader voice

Our "Who's That Guy" player for Colorado is starting inside linebacker Jordon Dizon. Jordon Dizon is a 6', 220 lbs Senior, and Colorado's defensive captain for 2007. He is the only Big 12 linebacker selected as one of the three finalists for the Butkus Award. Jordon was the first ever Buffalo true freshman selected as the Big 12's first ever national Defensive Newcomer of the Year and he was also Defensive Freshman of the Year as selected by the Big 12 coaches!

Jordon is currently third in the nation in tackles with 131, and tackles per game at 11.91. He is first in the nation in solo tackles with 93! Way to go Jordon!

When he was originally recruited by the Buffs, he was the the eighth-ranked running back prospect in the nation. He's from Kauai, Hawaii, majoring in economics and is expected to graduate in May. From the sandy beaches to the oceans, Jordon Dizon has sure seen the America's extremes!

Watch for Dizon to sniff out Marlon Lucky and punish him on runs and passes throughout the game. He's a sure tackler, so Marlon had better be playing well! Jordon hasn't received a Big 12 defensive player of the week yet, but there's still a chance this Friday against Nebraska!
Now you no longer have to wonder Who's That Guy!

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