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What Would YOU Do If You Were in Tom Osborne's Shoes?

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Many fans think they know what Tom Osborne will do with the Nebraska football coaching staff. Many fans think Tom Osborne already knows what he is going to do. Some fans even wish that Tom Osborne had already done what they think he is going to do. Some people just hope that Tom Osborne is going to do what they want done.

Let's take what Tom Osborne wants or thinks out of the equation for a minute. Osborne is always going to do what he thinks is the right thing to do, irregardless of whether or not you agree or disagree.

A couple of weeks ago, the die seemed to be cast in the minds of most Husker fans. Then the Huskers posted 73 points against Kansas State, causing some fans to rethink things, while others (like me) said it didn't matter.

So what do you think. What would YOU do? Keep this entire staff? Keep Callahan but jettison the defensive staff? Fire Callahan, and encourage the next head coach to consider keeping one of the assistant coaches? (Shawn Watson certainly has been getting some positive reviews lately.) Fire everybody and start over from scratch. Fire Callahan and the rest of the offensive staff, but keep Kevin Cosgrove and the rest of the defensive staff? (Just checking to see if you're paying attention...)