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2007 College Football Week 9 Delusional Picks

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Husker Mike and I prove this week that we can both stay delusional about the Huskers. Maybe that's what it takes to get through the rest of this season.

We both came up with reasons to pick Nebraska over Kansas. No reasonably sane person would do that. Oh, sure, you could argue that on "Any Given Saturday" that anyone can beat anyone, blah blah blah. Unfortunately, this rule doesn't apply to Nebraska this season for one very simple reason:

We have a defensive coordinator who can't figure out how to stop the zone read, a basic part of the spread offense. Unfortunately, that's what's in these days. If you can't stop that offense, you might as well figure on being one of the worst defenses in the nation. And where are we? We're three games from firing Kevin Cosgrove, that's where.

Look at our reasoning. Mike has a decent reason - the Huskers might play hard for Joe Ganz. Me? I replaced the battery in my Husker watch. Not just any watch, but a '94 Championship Seiko watch. This is what we've been driven to.

Ah, well. Let the suckage continue. Some day, we'll be back to Lawrence, and we'll kick all y'alls butts worse than before. Yeah. So there.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Nebraska @ Kansas

    Line:  Kansas by 19

    Husker Mike: Huskers don't believe in their coaches.  Don't believe in their schemes.  But I think they believe in the Ganz. Huskers 35, Jayhawks 31
    corn blight: I'm thinking that KU has read too much of their press. This is a gimme to them. Plus, I just replaced the battieres in my Nebraska '94 championship watch I haven't worn all season. Huskers 42, Jayhawks 41, overtime.

  • Texas Tech @ Baylor
    Line: Tech by 21

    Husker Mike: Tech 38, Da Bearsh 9
    corn blight: Tech 42, Bears 17

  • Missouri @ Colorado

    Line:  Mizzou by 4

    Husker Mike:  Tiggers 31, Buffies 21
    corn blight:  Missouri always struggles in Boulder. We haven't seen the late-season breakdown from the Tigers we're used to. I so want to pick CU in this game.
    Husker Mike: Do it do it do it.
    corn blight:  CU 28, Mizzou 27

  • Kansas State @ Iowa State

    Line: Wildcats by 14

    Husker Mike: Iowa State's been playing better the last couple of weeks...  KSU 24, ISU 21
    corn blight:  KSU 30, ISU 14

  • Texas @ Oklahoma State

    Line:  Texas by 3

    Husker Mike: 2 weeks in a row with "Bad Texas"...Good Texas 35, Okie State 20, Unless of course, it's Bad Texas:  Okie State 38, Bad Texas 21
    corn blight: I'll just take the Cowboys. They're at home where they play like MEN! Okie State 24, Texas 23
    Husker Mike: I'm going with Good Texas..

  • Texas A&M @ Oklahoma

    Line: Sooners by 21

    Husker Mike: Soon Doggies 35, Fran-soon-to-be-unemployed 10
    corn blight: Oklahoma 38, Aggies 20

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Navy @ Notre Dame

    Line: Irish by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Annnnnchors away, my friends....annnnnchors away! Navy 31, Amish 14
    corn blight: Charlie Weis deserves to lose. Navy 35, Irish 31

  • Wisconsin @ Ohio State

    Line: Buckeyes by 15

    corn blight: Does Wisconsin have a chance?
    Husker Mike: Not really. Wouldn't it be funny if the BCS title game ended up Ohio State vs. Kansas?
    corn blight: I'd like you to find 1,000 people outside Ohio who want them in the title game again

    Husker Mike: Brutus 31, Bucky 12
    corn blight: Buckeyes 31, Wisconsin 14

  • Arizona State @ Oregon

    Line: Oregon by 7

    corn blight: I think Erickson's run is over. Ducks at home are pretty good. Oregon 34, 'Zona State 24
    Husker Mike:  It's at night as well... Ducks 31, Devils 21

  • LSU @ Alabama

    Line: LSU by 7

    Husker Mike: LSU has been on fumes in recent weeks.. But a bye week helps.... And LSU gets their revenge shot at Saban.
    Beauxshirts 38, Saban Nation 9

    corn blight: I don't think they'll rack up that much. LSU 27, 'Bama 17

  • Florida State @ Boston College

    Line:  BC by 6.5

    Husker Mike: BC 28, FSU 17
    corn blight:  FSU just doesn't have an offense. BC 24, FSU 14

    New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts
    Line: Patriots by 5.5

    Husker Mike: NE has no running they have no choice but to throw the ball all over the place and RUTS. But with the Patriots, too many people calling them "greatest ever". That's the kiss of death.
    Tony Dungy:  Class, Bill Belicheck:  Cheater

    corn blight: I'd like the Colts to win. I'm tired of hearing about the Pats. Plus, the New England area has their championship, so screw the Pats.
    Colts 31, Patriots 23