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Morning Coffee Returns from Vacation

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Back from a 'vacation', back with Morning Coffee. I did get a whitetail buck, about 50 yards away, one shot, one kill. Wasn't as big as I would have liked, abnormal antlers, but we saw very very few deer this year. It was a strange year. Add to that dealing with some family issues so I didn't hunt as much as I had in years past.

Husker Extra gives you seven more coaches to think about as potentials for next year's coach.

Some of these were already covered in the "Slate of Candidates" diary entry by Ignignokt. Prepare yourselves for someone besides Turner Gill or Bo Pelini as the next head coach at Nebraska.

Coaching Changes - LLlllllloyd Carr (is that enough l's?) retires today. In 12 seasons at Michigan as head coach, he won the Big 10 six times, and produced their first national title since 1948 in 1997.

Looking at record alone, would Carr have been considered successful by Nebraska standards?

Guy Morriss gone at Baylor. Read the comments at Bear Meat. See any similarities to Bill Callahan's situation?

How 'bout something about the Colorado game?

"It's just like Iowa State," Dizon said. "They are a great team. Their record does not show how great they are."

Oh, good grief. We're a great team just like Iowa State. Re-charging the hyperbole generators there in Boulder, are they? How far have we sunk this season?

We Are Now Six Days (including today) Away from Knowing Bill Callahan's Fate.