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2007 College Football Predictions - Week 11

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Dixon goes down and with him goes Oregon's season. Arizona's first half was something to behold last night, wasn't it?

I'm surprised how few people are talking about Oklahoma for the BCS title game. Maybe it's the perception of the Big 12 as a weak conference, but Missouri and Kansas are certainly on a roll, so I'm not sure what people are expecting. No doubt that Kansas has played a fairly weak schedule, but if they run the table, they'll have beaten Missouri and Oklahoma and they'll have proved their point.

Missouri isn't getting a lot of love either. Why not? Their offensive is as explosive as any in the nation. Their defense is overachieving. We'll cover them more heavily in the next week.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Nebraska bye week
  • Oklahoma State @ Baylor
    Line: Cowboys by 14

    Husker Mike:  Guy Morriss goes out a loser. I'm a Man 34, I'm Out of Work 17
    corn blight:  Baylor any better at basketball this season? Okie State 38, Bears 13

  • Iowa State @ Kansas

    Line:  Kansas by 26

    Husker Mike: Cyclones November surge comes to a halt. Fighting Manginos 38, Big Wind 21
    corn blight: The only way that the Cyclones can slow down this game is by running well, but that ain't going to happen. Jayhawks 42, Cyclones 17

  • Missouri @ Kansas State

    Line:  Mizzou by 7

    Husker Mike: If there ever was a week for the Pinkel factor to emerge, it would be this week as the Tigers face the slumping Wildcats before heading to Kansas City for the  Civil War re-enactment.  But I don't think it's going to happen.  Tigers roar. Tigers 38, Wildcats 14

    corn blight: Yeah, it appears that Mizzou and Kansas may be teams of destiny <insert big commercial voice with echo here>, it's only a matter of who has more destiny. Kansas State was finished when they lost to Iowa State. Now it's only a matter of whether Missouri can hang more on them than we did.  Mizzou 48, Kansas State 28

  • Oklahoma @ Texas Tech

    Line: Sooners by 9

    Husker Mike: Sooners maintain their march towards San Antonio and the BCS... But the game's not in the state of Oklahoma, so it's closer than you might think.          Sooners 31, Tech 28
    corn blight:  Oklahoma suffered one late-game meltdown this season, otherwise, they'd be an easy #1 right now. They'll get style points out of this one. Boomer Sooner 48, Red Raiders 28

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Hawaii @ Nevada

    Line: Warriors by 8

    Husker Mike: Colt Brennan has been banged up all season...will he play?  I think so..  Hawaii 35, Nevada 21
    corn blight:  This is a good chance for Hawaii to lose, as good as any they've had yet throughout the season, but they aren't ranked high enough (yet) for that to kick in. Hawaii 31, Nevada 24

  • Penn State @ Michigan State

    Line: PSU by 3

    Husker Mike: A couple of overrated Big Ten teams playing out the string.  Penn St 28, Sparty 24
    corn blight: They are overrated, the Big Ten is pretty blah, but this should be a really good game. At Michigan State??? I want to pick the Spartans, but when have they ever been consistent? They can't run the ball against the Nitts. Nittany Lions 28, Spartans 23

  • West Virginia @ Cincinnati

    Line: WVa by 6.5

    Husker Mike: Now this is more like it...  Both teams are surging as of late.  Cincy 31, West Va 28
    corn blight:  Should be a good game, too. Even though the Bearcats are great against the run, I don't see them keeping the Mountaineers from scoring more points. West Virginia 24, Cincinnati 21

  • Boston College @ Clemson

    Line: Clemson by 7.5

    Husker Mike: BC's dream season evaporates.. Clempson 27, BC 17
    corn blight: Yeah, too bad for them. Clemson 28, Boston College 17

  • Kentucky @ Georgia

    Line: Uga by 8

    Husker Mike: Georgia 38, Kentucky 24
    corn blight: Georgia is playing some darned good football right now, on a roll. Kentucky is fading. Georgia 35, Kentucky 21

  • Ohio State @ Michigan

    Line:  OSU by 4

    Husker Mike: Two more overrated Big Ten teams, except they think this game means something. Brutus 24, Weasels 21

    corn blight:  At Michigan and Michigan has tons of experience. I've never cared for Chad Henne, he hasn't improved over the past couple of seasons. I can see the Buckeyes getting pressure on him and forcing a couple turnovers that win them the game. Lloyd Carr can't beat Ohio State, so why should he get a win in his last game against them? Buckeyes 27, Wolverines 23