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America Loves Nebraska's Joe Ganz!

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Are we in love with Joe Ganz? You bet we are! Apparently, so is the rest of the nation. At least for a week. That's better than we've been doing! Who's Jimmy Clausen now?

Joe Ganz selected as the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week!

The 6-1, 200-pound Ganz completed 30-of-40 passes for a Nebraska record 510 yards through the air. He also threw for seven touchdowns, shattering the previous NU record of five touchdown passes in a game. Ganz finished the day with 528 yards of total offense, breaking the previous school record in that category by 95 yards. Ganz had 12 completions of 20 yards or more in the game.

Hey, vote for Joe Ganz as Cadillac Player of the Week!

Joe Ganz among players nominated for AT&T Player of the Week, others include Kansas' Marcus Henry, Central Florida's Kevin Smith, and some guy named Tim Tebow. Vote for the Ganz!

Joe Ganz nominated for USA Today Player of the Week! Vote for the Ganz!