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Week 11 Husker Report Card: Kansas State

OK, raise your hand.  How many of you predicted a Husker blowout of Kansas State.  Yeah right.  Liars... :-)

Kind of felt good, didn't it, though?

Offensive Line:  A- Good pass protection all day; could have used a few more holes to open up in the running game though.
Running Back:  ARoy Helu ran hard.  Marlon Lucky not only ran hard, but also broke tackles on TWO (yes, count 'em!  TWO!) runs.  Would have liked to have seen more from the young backs in the fourth quarter...more to follow on this one.
Quarterback:  A+ I'll go ahead and say it.  Me thinks Callahan picked the wrong quarterback to open the season as starter.  There you go!  Joe Ganz has better mobility and grasp of this offense.  He sees the field better than Sam Keller as well
Wide Receivers: A A fine performance by just about everyone.
Defensive Line: B+ Hey...was that a pass rush I saw?  Ty Steinkuhler made some huge contributions yesterday.
Linebackers:  B Still fighting off injuries, but Steve Octavien was all over the field contributing.
Secondary:  A Tierre Green and Cortney Grixby helped bring some pressure on Josh Freeman on blitzes.  Anthony Blue made his first start as a true freshman and played well.  Prince Amukamara had the play of the game running down a KSU receiver from behind; he has some serious speed.
Coaching:  A OK, these guys have had an awful year.  But this staff put together a nice plan on both sides of the ball.  They get a good grade for this week.
Sportsmanship: F What the hell is Joe Ganz doing in the game in the fourth quarter throwing the ball all over the place, including two touchdown passes.  Ron Prince wasn't about to complain about it, but that doesn't make it right.  Not very classy, Bill.
Overall:  A A great performance by the Big Red.

Elsewhere in College Football:
Ohio State: F A horrible week in Columbus for the Buckeyes.  The basketball team lost to D-2 Findlay.  The hockey team got swept by Nebraska-Omaha.  And the football team lost their BCS dreams by losing to Illinois.
Boston College:  D Their dream season is crumbling.
Michigan: D+ Got caught looking ahead to the Buckeyes, didn't 'ya?
Kansas: A They just keep on winning.  Who'da thunk it...Mizzou/Kansas a prime time ABC telecast with ESPN Gameday there?
Miami-Florida: 0 What a way to close out the Orange Bowl.  Not.
Nebraska D-2 Football:  A+ Chadron State and Nebraska-Omaha both gain first round byes in the Division 2 playoffs. At least some Nebraska football teams had great years!


What do you think of the Huskers blowout of Kansas State?

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    Wow! Awesome!
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  • 67%
    Where the (explitive) was this performance earlier this season?
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  • 7%
    Maybe we don't need a coaching change after all.
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  • 14%
    Meh. This season is already over.
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