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Nebraska vs Kansas State Game Day Thread

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Opponent: Kansas State (5-4, 3-3 Big 12)

Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2007  11:30 AM

Listen:Huskers Sports Network | KRNU - University Radio Station Stream

TV: Versus  

Stadium: Memorial Stadium/Tom Osborne Field (81,067), Lincoln, NE

Opponent's Blogs:
Bring on the Cats

Please use this thread to discuss the Nebraska - Kansas State game and any other games you might be watching today.

  • Normally I'd write something about keys to the game, but that seems rather pointless. It only matters if this team decides they want to salvage their season. They haven't show us much the last few weeks, I don't have much hope for today. (Wow. That's pretty negative, isn't it?)
  • So much angst on pre-game shows about whether or not fans will boo the Seniors. I guess there isn't much else to talk about - it's not like you can pour over statistics with any meaning. (More negativity?)
  • I hope Bo Ruud gets into this game. I don't mean just play, but GET INTO IT. You KNOW that you're going to hear RRUUUUUUUD! from the crowd. You know it. (That's better. Maybe just one more positivity.)
  • Nebraska needs to start fast. Joe Ganz to Mo Purify. If Purify could whip up on the best cover corner in the Big 12 for over 150 yards, what can he do against K-State.  The offense can score against KSU. (Whoooeeee!)