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Pick 'Em Suckage Seeking Help

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It's official, I suck at these Pick 'Em things. I'm in dead last at the Pick 'Em contest at In the Bleachers, last week going 2-6. I've come to the conclusion that I need help.

Husker Mike and I have been doing predictions, but not keeping track of them. Perhaps we should.... or NOT. I probably find that I have sucked at that too. I don't have the cold-hearted iciness that's required to be good at this stuff because I keep picking the teams I'd really rather won than those that will, as if my positive karma (and I have Soooo much of that) would influence the game somehow.

In any case, I'd like to throw two or three of the upcoming games out there to see what you guys think. Particularly,

Navy versus Notre Dame.

It ain't going to make a huge difference in the BCS standings or Top 25 (although weirder things have happened), but it's the best shot that Navy has at breaking the 43-year losing streak with Notre Dame. Who is rooting for Notre Dame to win this game, other than Irish alums?

Can Navy pull it off?

What about Arizona State at Oregon?

I'd like to see Oregon win this game mostly because I don't like Dennis Erickson. He's a hired gun, and I'd rather that coaches like that failed miserably in college football. They can go on to the pro leagues as they see fit, but they're really around long enough to win something big and then typically leave a program in shambles after they're gone.

Autzen Stadium is a tough place to play.

The other big game of the week....

LSU at Alabama.

I'd be picking LSU. Why? Not as much to do with logic, but for the same reason that I'd like to see Arizona State lose. For the good of college football, the Nick Saban era at 'Bama needs to be one of unrealistic expectations and failure.