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Mizzou Takes Nebraska To Five Games

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Don't know if all y'all watched it tonight, but Mizzou drove the Husker volleyballers to five games this evening at the Coliseum, with Nebraska winning the match in game five.

Rachel Schwartz, libero. Keep it going!

It went 30-19, 32-34, 30-11,24-30, and then 15-10, Nebraska. After the whole trick r' treating affair, I came in and watched the final two games. Wow. Great volleyball.

Mizzou has four players from the state of Nebraska, so like John Cook said at the start of the match, they were expecting a tough match. Add to that that Mizzou has three Chinese girls as starters, and they're NOT going to be intimidated just because they're coming into the Coliseum.

Missouri's Na Yang finished with 20 kills, Amanda Hantouli with 10, Weiwen Wang with 10, and Lei Wang with 7. For Nebraska, Sarah Pavan had 22 kills, Jordan Larson, 17, Christina Houghtelling 14, and Tracy Stalls with 10. While the kills seem much higher for the Huskers they were countered by a season-high 14 service errors, and 14 hitting errors.

If you missed this match, you missed some great volleyball. Good win for Nebraska. Here's what you get from Cornhusker coach John Cook:

"I thought we came out and played a great first game, and then we went complacent," Cook said.  Then Missouri got the momentum, and we started breaking down everywhere. Then we came out and played a great game three like we did at Colorado last year – blow them up in game three. Then I think we thought ‘it’s over.’ So we ended up at game five."

Good match, but not great, and great is what we're expecting from this team. They have a lot of work yet to do.

Saturday night the Huskers play Kansas State in Manhattan.

We're at that time of the year at which I'll increase our volleyball coverage. These young women deserved to be recognized. At much as Nebraska defines itself by football, so it does by volleyball. We have had incredible success at volleyball over the past 20 years.

Pay attention. Like I said, they deserve it.