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Week 6 Husker Report Card: Missouri

The USC and Ball State report cards required signatures on the report card. Last night's demolition by Missouri requires signatures on resignation letters.

Offensive Line: D- No running room against one of the worst defenses in college football?
Running Back: B+ Marlon Lucky didn't have a great game, but he showed heart yesterday, unlike many of his teammates.
Quarterback: D+ Missed receivers and poor decisions all night.
Wide Receiver: B- A few drops, but a pretty lethargic performance by all except for Nate Swift.
Defensive Line: F Completely ineffective.
Linebackers: F Completely ineffective.
Secondary: F Completely ineffective.
Special Teams: B+ Well, our punter is pretty good. Kunalic had a nice deep kickoff, and Henery was solid on his field goals.
Coaching: F Ineffective game plan, team not ready to play.
Overall: F Nebraska was never in this game from the kickoff.

Elsewhere in college football:
Stanford: A+ Nobody is invincible in college football.
LSU: A+ Except possibly LSU.
Kansas: A Jayhawks look like they are real.
Missouri: A+ Missouri is as well.