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2007 College Football Predictions - Week 6

Lots of action in the the Big 12 this week. You've got:

  • The Red River Rivalry with both teams worrying about who's going to start 0-2 in conference.
  • Undefeated Kansas against rival Kansas State to see who wins the battle of Kansas
  • Nebraska vs Missouri - the two teams who were crowned the only pre-season contenders in the Big 12 North.

Oh, hell, we should have been keeping track of these from the start of the season, shouldn't we? I'm certain I'm crushing Mike, but if you take a look at In the Bleachers, I'm not exactly inspiring confidence, although last week was pretty rough on everybody.

TV listings are available at In the Bleachers also so you can plan your weekend. All times are Eastern.

Who knows what this week holds! Let chaos reign!

  • Big 12 Games

  • Nebraska @ Missouri

    Line: Missouri by 7

    Husker Mike:  The WAC lives again, with 2 sucky defenses and two quarterbacks who like to throw...  It's there and the home crowd will be especially violent: Mizzou 52, Huskers 49

    corn blight:  I noticed that even Adrian Fiala picked Mizzou in this one. There is an amazing lack of confidence in Nebraska fans this week. Missouri at night isn't that scary.  Huskers: 31, Tigers 28

  • Colorado @ Baylor
    Line: Colorado by 8

    Husker Mike: Vegas must be expecting a CU letdown... only 8 pts? Buffies 27, Bears 10
    corn blight:  Well, it is in Waco.  Can the Buffs win on the road? After one game do we believe in Colorado? Yes, against Baylor. Buffaloes 23, Bears 17

  • Kansas @ Kansas State

    Line: KSU by 3

    Husker Mike:  Last week, we learned KSU was for real.  KU, we don't know since they've blown out 4 nobodies. KSU 35, Kansas 24
    corn blight:  Letdown for KSU. The Jayhawks are for real. KU 31, KSU 24

  • Oklahoma vs Texas (Dallas)

    Line: Oklahoma by 11

    Husker Mike: No way Sooners & Stoops start Big XII play 0-2.  Sooners 42, ut 13
    corn blight: Texas has way too many issues. Oklahoma's only issue was not showing up for a weekend. OU 38, Texas 27

  • Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M

    Line:  Aggies by 6.5

    Husker Mike: The Meltdown vs. Fran's Newsletter...  OSU 38, A&M 33
    corn blight: But the Aggies players support Fran! Dollar Bill Byrne - not so much. It is at Kyle Field. Aggies 28, Cowboys 24

  • Iowa State @ Texas Tech

    Line: Texas Tech by 25

    Husker Mike: Tech's new defensive coordinator gets another tuneup game... TT 42, Clones 14
    corn blight: Tech goes wild. Red Raiders 51, Cyclones 20

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Wisconsin @ Illinois

    Line: Illini by 2.5

    Husker Mike:  Vegas thinks they know something football coaches and writers don't. Bucky 23, Chief Illiniwek 20
    corn blight: The Badgers know how to win close, ugly games. Good thing for them because that'll be their entire season. Wisconsin 24, Illinois 20

  • Georgia @ Tennessee

    Line: Volunteers by 2

    Husker Mike:  Again, I'm not sure what's up in Vegas. Dawgs 28, Rocky Top 20  
    corn blight:  Tennessee's defense isn't so good, ranked 95th. Ouch!  Georgia 34, Volunteers 23

  • Virginia Tech @ Clemson

    Line:  Clemson by 5

    Husker Mike:  Clemson 28, VT 21
    corn blight:   Virginia Tech, no offense, good defense. You have to score some points, right? Clemson 23, Virginia Tech 13

  • Florida @ LSU

    Line: LSU by 9

    Husker Mike: What a matchup:  Florida's wide open offense vs. LSU's stingy Beauxshirts.  My pick:  Bo Knows Defense. LSU 34, Florida 17
    corn blight:  A night game in Baton Rouge? Too bad for Urban. I'll be crying for him. LSU 31, Gators 17

  • Ohio State @ Purdue

    Line: Ohio State by 7  

    Husker Mike: Ohio State 28, Purdue 17
    corn blight: Purdue finally faces a real defense. Ohio State

  • Cincinnati @ Rutgers

    Line:  Rutgers by 3

    Husker Mike: Cincy 31, Rutgers 24
    corn blight: Two Big East teams not named Louisville or West Virginia in a big game. Who'da thunk it? Cincy 31, Rutgers 27.

  • Husker Heritage Bowl - Ohio @ Buffalo

    Line:  Ohio by 4.5

    Husker Mike: Frank 24, Turner 21
    corn blight: Turner Gill had a lot of guts in taking over one of the worst programs in college football. Buffalo has no offense. Bobcats 28, Bulls 14