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Happy Halloween - There's Nothing Scary Here

Happy Halloween! I generally stand outside my house yelling at children. The only ones that get candy are the ones that aren't too terrified to come and get it. I find it leaves more for me.

Oh, and every year, I tend to give out a couple potatoes and some onions. I can't imagine what some parent somewhere thinks when their kid dumps out his bag and out rolls an onion. You know they'll never remember where they got it! (insert maniacal laughter)

Nebraska plays Missouri tonight in volleyball at 7:00 pm. The match can be seen on NETV in the state of Nebraska. will provide free video, and CSTV's All-Access will show the game on a PPV basis for $6.95.

Is providing free video to show that they are a kinder, gentler athletic department? I don't know, but I like the idea. The more we support our non-revenue sports, the better off the football program will be. Not only that but it should help your ego as we should demolish Mizzou this evening.

There's been plenty of speculation about who might be Nebraska's next head coach. The name that keeps sticking is Bo Pelini, and to be blunt, there are more good coaches than Pelini who might be a good fit at Nebraska.

I'd like to encourage y'all to use the diaries to start this discussion, as 96operator has already started something on Bo Pelini. I would love to see someone do a write up on the possibility of Wake Forest's Jim Grobe.

This week's blogpoll has been released. I don't even get a mention. Why? Apparently I'm neither dull nor psychotic. I find that rather disappointing in a way.

What about Kansas? How much hope do we have for this weekend? Last week, Kirk Herbstreit gave us a zero percent chance against Texas, while Corso gave us one percent. Do you have any hope for this game?