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Morning Coffee - Tidbits

Nebraska volleyball dropped to #2 after being swept (crushed) by the Texas Longhorns this past week. Penn State moved into the #1 spot while Texas moved to #3.

Interesting thing is, Penn State got only one more first place vote (26) than Nebraska (25), and total points were very close, so obviously people recognize that it was only one game in Austin. Of course, losing one game from here on out can be goal-crushing.

KSU dudes Bring On the Cats has a rundown on Big 12 North scenarios. They conclude:

So we're pinning our hopes on Nebraska and Iowa State.  God help us.

We should just beat them next week and put them out of their misery. It's the humane thing to do.

Grunting helps you lift better. You figured that someone would do a study on this, didn't you?

Hey Bill Callahan! At least Nebraska fans aren't planning on putting up a great big billboard urging your firing!

Hmmmm. Maybe we should?

SMQ had a good rant going about television coverage of college games. This all started because the Arizona State-Oregon game was not originally slated to be on television.

Coverage is a pain in the butt for me, although I'm guessing it's better than most of y'all. I live in Big 10 land. It's not  so much that I don't get to see Nebraska games because I do, but I'd rather be able to watch all the Big 12 games. Dish Network's sports package (that gives you all the Fox channels, not just the regional) is a huge help for not that much more in cost.

What do you guys do for football coverage?