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Morning Coffee - Lord, Please Give Us A Pass Rush By Saturday Edition

This feature has been missing lately, hasn't it? I'm not sleeping lately. I have stretches like this, where I sleep only a couple hours at night. It's not good for health. It's not good for creativity. It's just not good, is it?

Five Greatest Missouri Wins over Nebraska. That '76 game was my first ever Husker game. I'll bet this article took about 15 minutes to write, eh?

Missouri presents an offensive and defensive dilemma for Nebraska. Unfortunately, everyone is presenting a dilemma to our defense these days.

That (Chase Daniels command of he offense) could create a problem, of course, but it is probably compounded simply by the style of offense Missouri runs. From a no-huddle look, the Tigers stretch you wide, get the play calls from the sideline and can put defenses quickly on their heels. Like most offenses, though, not everything is what it seems. For Nebraska ’s D.C., he prefers to look at it with a more practical approach. "Even though they don’t huddle, there’s a normal pace, but there could be a fast break at any time," he said. "But we’re a no-huddle defense. Our kids all look to the sideline. They don’t have to get into a huddle. We signal them in, so they know what we’re doing."

What would you give for a Nebraska pass rush to show up Saturday night? Right arm? New Hummer?

Where's all the abuse for Cortney Grixby this season? Disappeared? Good! The guy took way too much crap last season. He's been electric so far this season.

Mizzou Sanity has a preview of the game with gobs of stats and success rates, and all that jazz. I don't like this line:

Hmm...Missouri's leading the nation in third down efficiency...Nebraska doesn't sack QBs on third down...hmm...

He points out that we have no sacks on 3rd and 4th down. I hate it when that happens. Against Iowa State, we could not get off the field. Third and long after third and long, and they picked up first downs. What the hell is Mizzou going to do to us? No wonder I'm not sleeping this week. Argghg...

Then you have Ndamukong Suh saying this kind of stuff:

On the size of Missouri's offensive line
"Their offensive like is definitely big. Watching film yesterday, they are definitely big and athletic. It is going to be a challenge.  I would say them and USC are probably the best two offensive lines we will see."

I'm guessing that what you'd give for a pass rush has increased significantly since you started reading this, hasn't it?

Want to feel better? Mizzou's kicker ain't all that.

"I’ve been fortunate that the kicks I have missed haven’t come at a crucial time in games so far," Wolfert said.

It's a little difficult to encounter tough times when you're playing high schools up to this point, isn't it? Hey, remember all those years ago where Nebraska beat Missouri with seven field goals? Won't happen this year. The seven field goals thing, not that we'll lose, although reading this isn't making you feel any better, is it?

Why is he called Pig?

Steve Begemann (Jackson, Mo): Whats yur favorite food to eat since your mom says thats all you did was eat when you were a kid. That is how you got the name "Pig" right?
Mike (Chicago): It is because of your unique name that I started rooting for Mizzou especially after your return for a TD against Illinois. Where did you get your name from and is there meaning behind it?
Pig Brown: When I was younger, I ate a lot. I was sloppy, and I just had the mentality of a pig, and my Mom said, 'you eat like one, you act like one; that's what I'm going to call you,' and that just stuck. As for the favorite food, it's hot dogs -- back then and now.

Makes you wonder what Bobby Reid's mom calls him? Same as everyone else? Chicken?

How 'bout a human interest story! Mizzou TE Martin Rucker once drove into a tornado:

Rucker and Boone eventually caught up with a tornado in Faucett and decided to drive into the accompanying storm just to see what would happen.

"We drove into it and it started hailing real hard," said Rucker, who has pictures from that day loaded on his cell phone. "I looked over at my cousin and he said, 'Stop, man, this isn't fun anymore.' And he had the most scared face I've ever seen."

Yeah, he'll be hoping he was back into that tornado when he encounters a fired up Husker defense Saturday night! Just try to catch a pass across the middle, Martin!

It won't be fun anymore. It won't. You'll wish for hail instead of the hell that's in front of you! Yeah, yeah yeah!

I need sleep.