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Sam Keller Done For Season?

Word out of Lincoln is that Sam Keller has a broken collarbone and is done for the season. Note that there's been no official word on this yet.

Joe Ganz - Now Your Starting QB

Looking at the replay, Keller first tries to get up, then grabs his right wrist and falls back to the field. A trainer later assists Keller off the ground pulling him up by the arms, so clearly it wasn't his wrist that was broken. He was clearly in a lot of pain as he left the field.

If Keller is gone, we'll with Joe Ganz for the rest of the way. I guess we're going to see if the fall-off is all that great between the two. I wasn't real high on Keller. I think he has a tendency to stare down his receivers and his turnovers this season have come at inopportune times, although Matt at SMQ points out that he played very well against Texas. He finally threw the ball down the field and the offense opened up with a lead, two things that have been rare this season.

Keller's stats for the season:

Sam Keller - 2007 Season Stats
Rating Completed Attempted Int Comp % Yardage TD Long Average/Game Average/Comp.
133.74 205 325 10 63.1 2422 14 73 269.1 11.81

A decent, but not great completion percentage, and his touchdown to interception ratio should be much higher than it is.

Keller certainly isn't to blame for the season going the way it has and he's been a stand-up guy all the way through. I would like to see Joe Ganz get a shot at starting and playing most of a game, but this isn't how it should happen.

Perhaps Keller can come back in time for a bowl game, granted that we can pull off two more wins this season.

[Update] - It is official now. Linebacker Lance Brandeburgh is also out for the season with a shoulder injury. ]