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Week 9 Husker Report Card: Texas

Go ahead and admit it.  You gave up hope for yesterday's game a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing wrong in admitting it; it sure looked like the team gave up weeks ago.  But for a few hours yesterday, hope returned...  Which raises the it better to lose late a game late in the fourth quarter, or get throttled from the opening kickoff.  Both suck...but one is much worse than the other.

Offensive Line:  B+ Did you see some of those holes these guys opened up?  ABC's horrible camera work made it difficult to tell who were making the plays, but the O-line did it's job.
Running Back:  A- With some nice size holes, Marlon Lucky found some holes, gained some confidence, and ran with authority most of the day.
Quarterback:  C+ I'm going to bring a contrarian opinion on Sam Keller's day.  Except in the two minute drill, Keller still seemed unsure of himself, telegraphing throws and being erratic.  Joe Ganz came in cold and got the Huskers into the end zone, completing a huge pass on fourth and long, scrambling to get the ball inside the five, then getting a touchdown and two point conversion.
Wide Receiver:  B+ Nate Swift was huge, making several great catches.  Maurice Purify also made the clutch catches down the stretch.
Defensive Line:  B- Zach Potter is becoming the leader on this defensive line.  All he needs is some help.
Linebackers:  B- The Husker Blitzkrieg put these guys in the role of attacker instead of attackee, and despite the depleted depth, gave the defensive line the help they've been begging for all season.
Secondary:  B Here's a novel idea... have safeties attack the quarterback instead of chasing down receivers!  Larry Asante illustrated this when he forced Colt McCoy to throw a wounded duck that was picked off by Potter.
Coaching:  B+ Good things:  attacking defense, and abandoning the offense script when they realized that Texas hadn't figured out how to stop our run game.  Bad things:  Not realizing that Texas had found the holes in the Blitzkrieg defense in the fourth quarter.
Overall:  B  Yeah we lost.  But that's the first sign of life in these guys in a month, and it was the Huskers second best performance of the year.

Elsewhere in College Football:
Big XII North:  A- Colorado manhandles Tech.  Nebraska rises from the dead and puts a scare into Texas.  Kansas dominates A&M for the most part.
ABC:  D- Why do you decide to send NU/Texas to 54% of the country, then send your HD production crew to their number 2 game?
Boston College:  First 55 minutes: D-  Last 5 minutes:  A+ People who turned off that Thursday night game early woke up the next morning wondering what they missed.


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