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Nebraska vs. Texas Post Game Reaction

We've lost to Texas so many times I can't count, especially on a Saturday evening. What makes today's loss so disappointing was giving up a 17-3 lead in a game at which we were clearly dominating.

In a good year. we don't beat Texas, so it's hard to imagine that we'd beat them this year in Austin. Still here's my points about this loss:  

  • Stop complaining about the defense. This game wasn't about the defense. The defense sucks and they played well against Texas. We lost this game because our offense didn't score enough points. If Shawn is calling the plays in the first half, and Bill the second, well, the suckage is clear.
  • Let's see. Texas A&M's offense - needed to put eight in the box and stop it. Didn't. Texas' offense - did great for three quarters but then Texas moved to the spread and we fall down like reeds in the wind. What's up with that, Kevin?
  • Jamaal Charles, 216 yards in the fourth quarter. One quarter, over 200 yards, one guy. Kevin?
  • Sam Keller, injured, looked like a separated shoulder. Ganz comes in. Why doesn't Ganz come in earlier? Why isn't Ganz playing at all? I don't want to say this, because I'm a college guy, but if this is what it takes to get a quarterback switch just to see what happens (Bill you arrogant, stubborn bastard), then I'm sorry Sam, but let's see what Joe can do.
  • Overall, we were 21-point dogs and lost by three in a game we should have won. I want to feel good about that. I'm trying. I really am.  

I really am.