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2007 College Football Picks - Week 9

Another week, another Nebraska loss, then another post game press conference with Bill Callahan acting like someone stole his pudding. Maybe he'll just stop talking after this week, but I doubt it. He has an axe to grind. He wants to be a head coach so badly, but he's just not good enough to do it. Last time it was Al Davis' fault. Now it's Nebraska's fault.

If we could only see him for the genius he is.

Ah, on to the games!

  • Big 12 Games

  • Nebraska @ Texas

    Line:  Texas by 21

    Husker Mike:   In the Omaha paper, they're talking about Mack playing his reserves the third series... I think Mack might take it somewhat easy on us. I don't think he wants to rub things in; I think he respects us too much, "us" being the program.  Knowing that it comes back to haunt him later...
    Horns 49, Callahan's Lost Coz 13
    corn blight:  Texas has had their issues as well, but nothing like us. As a further blessing, It's nearly nation-wide. I guess people can see what a mess that Bill Callahan has made of the Huskers. Texas 38, Nebraska 21.

  • Baylor @ Kansas State
    Line: Puddytats by 25

    Husker Mike: Baylor Beary Beary Bad. KSU 42 Da Bearsh 7
    corn blight: The Wildcats go boom. Wildcats 35, Bears 10

  • Colorado @ Texas Tech

    Line:  Tech by 13.5

    Husker Mike:  Tech 35, Puffs 13
    corn blight:  At home, in Lubbock, Tech is good. On the road, Tech is bad. Tech 38, CU 21

  • Iowa State @ Missouri

    Line: Missouri by 28.5

    Husker Mike: They remember last year.... Salt... Wound..... Tiggers 56, Little Breeze 3
    corn blight:  hahahahaahahahahahahaha. Oh, what the hell am I laughing at. Pinkel-boy 60, ISU 10
    Gary Pinkel is going to use all his karma this season.

  • Kansas @ Texas A&M

    Line:  KU by 2.5

    Husker Mike: Fighting Manginos 24, Fran's Boys 17
    corn blight: Kyle Field is a tough place to play. KU has been on a great run. I'm going to go with the Aggies, thus dooming them to lose.
    Aggies 23, Cupcake-eaters 20

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Ohio State @ Penn State

    Line: Buckeyes by 4

    Husker Mike: OSU 28, PSU 17
    corn blight:Buckeyes 24, Nittany Lions 20

  • Florida @ Georgia- World's Largest Soda Pop Party

    Line: Gators by 9

    Husker Mike: Florida 38, Georgia 27
    corn blight: Florida 31, Georgia 21

  • USC @ Oregon

    Line: Oregon by 3

    Husker Mike: If Sanchez starts...  USC 31, Oregon 17, If Booty starts... Oregon 24, USC 17
    corn blight: Oregon 27, USC 23

  • California @ Arizona State

    Line: Sun Devils by 3

    Husker Mike: ASU  35, Cal 24
    corn blight: Cal is too good to lose three in a row. Cal 34, ASU 31

  • South Florida @ Connecticut

    Line:  Bulls by 5

    Husker Mike: USF 28, UConn 20
    corn blight:   Let's see. LSU loses a game, they drop a little. USF loses a game and the bottom falls out.
    USF 27, UConn 13

  • West Virginia @ Rutgers

    Line:  West Virginia by 6.5

    Husker Mike: This sounded like a great game a month ago.  WVa 31, Rutgers 24
    corn blight: I like that whole chopping wood thing that brought down the Bulls. Rutgers 27, Mountaineers 24