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Morning Coffee Blahs - Desroy Texas!

The Cornhusker football team will go into Texas as a 21-point dog. When was the last time we gave up 21 points to anyone? I vividly the 17-point spread against Florida State in the '94 Orange Bowl, but I don't recall being down by more than that. Ever. Perhaps by now we shouldn't be shocked and just hope to come out of there without completely embarrassing ourselves.  

An eight-year old's view of Husker football. Still hopeful. At least his attitude is in the right place.

Kyle over at Dawg Sports should have declared the Nebraska - Texas game the national game of disinterest. It seems pointless now to discuss offensive strategies, defensive strategies, schemes, statistics, doesn't it? None of it matters.

What's with Bill Callahan not wearing Husker apparel when he does his press conferences? It's a cry for help. He's backing into a shell, just like he did in Oakland when things came apart.

As further evidence that he's living within his own little world?

"Again, all I would tell you is I have done an excellent job in every area," he said. "It's hard for the media to know. But what we've done off the field and what we did on the field, it's well-documented. We did some positive things. We haven't sustained it this year."

Picture Bill standing over a shot and stabbed victim with a knife in one hand, a gun in the other while he's saying "I didn't kill her. I was only trying to help!"

Callahan is a contradiction. He says he's doing great. He says the program needs stability to keep recruiting going then he shows up at a press conference wearing non-red clothing. I say he's in over his head and the walls are closing in around him. God only knows what's going to happen in the next month.

Maurice Purify is upset with the fans. I can understand that.

Note to fans - don't tell the players they suck. They're bigger than you and it is pretty classless. If you don't have anything good to say to them, then don't say anything. You're not helping matters. You're not cute. If one of them happens to jump the fence and beat the daylights out of you, I'll post the pictures here and tell them to plead self-defense.

Note to Mo. Rather than be disgusted with the fans, maybe you should be angry at Sam Keller, Bill Callahan, and Steve Watson. Maybe you should try going all TO (not Osborne, the other TO) on Keller on the sidelines just once and see how many times you get the ball after that.

TONIGHT! The #1 Husker volleyball team faces it's toughest challenge of the season. They go into Austin, Texas to take on the -ranked 'Horns. It's on FSN this evening. Unfortunately, I'll probably be on the road. Here's a good preview at BON.