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Bill Callahan Thinks You're the Dumbest Fans In America

Before I started this blog, I'd spent about 18 years writing in the computer industry. A lot of that writing was centered around the taking very complex subjects and breaking them down so that lay people (non-technical) could understand  what I was trying to say.

It took effort but that effort had to be made if I wanted my readers to understand what I was saying.

Given that, here's what we get from head coach Bill Callahan today:

Question: What kind of adjustments could you have made?

Callahan: Oh, I think it's probably too technical for you, but I think in the broad spectrum of adjustments, just playing the quarterback a little bit better on the zone read in terms of the front assignments... I don't want to get into coachspeak, but there were a lot of things in terms of front adjustments that you have to deal with. I think our coaches were dealing with that to the best of their ability.


  • You're too stupid to understand.
  • I'm not going to bother simplifying it for you because that would take effort.
  • You're not worth the effort it would take.
  • What's this? I seem to have sat on a fork!

Why didn't he just come right out and say what he was thinking?  "We must have the dumbest fans in America."