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Week 8 Husker Report Card: Texas A&M

I must be a masochist to keep posting this, but you never know...

Offensive Line: C+ Hey... were those holes I saw opening up for Castille and Helu???
Running Back: C+ Marlon Lucky is setting himself up for a career as a "3rd down back". Problem is Billy C still thinks he's a running back. We REALLY need to see more of Quentin Castille and Roy Helu.
Quarterback: D Woo hoo! Sam Keller didn't throw a pick! He still telegraphs his throws and seems to have developed a mancrush on Marlon Lucky. Even worse, he's starting to misfire like Mickey Joseph.
Wide Receiver: Incomplete Since Keller doesn't seem to be interested in throwing to receivers anymore, it's hard to give them a grade.
Defensive Line: F Ok, Zac Potter did a good job on Javorski Lane. But everyone else has been MIA this month. Look for Ndamakong Suh to start appearing on milk cartons.
Linebackers: D- With the injuries to Phillip Dillard, Bo Ruud, and Blake Lawrence, this group was patched together. You'd have thought SOMEBODY would have been assigned to
Stephen McGee, though.
Secondary: F Hey, did anybody notice that McGee ran the ball 35 times yesterday? Didn't think so.
Special Teams: D+ Nate Swift's whiff on a 2nd quarter punt kept the Huskers behind the 8-ball in the first half.
Coaching: FBill Callahan spent most of the first half trying to "help" Kevin Cosgrove. Neither realized that McGee was keeping the ball most of the game. Neither thought about putting 8 or 9 men in the box and daring the Aggies to throw, like Tech did the week before. The one positive was letting Shawn Watson call plays in the first half, allowing the Huskers to at least score a couple of touchdowns. Are you guys trying to test Tom Osborne to make him break his word that he won't fire you before the end of the season?
Overall Score: D- Ok, it wasn't quite as pathetic as last week.

Elsewhere in College Football:
Missouri: A+ Tigers are for real.
Kansas: A So are the Jayhawks.
Northern Iowa: A+ Congratulations on being the best college team in the northern Great Plains.
North Dakota State: A+ Craig Bohl takes out the Gophers and cements his squad as the second best college team in the northern Great Plains.
LSU: B- Just win baby, but you need to stop pressing your luck.