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Nebraska - Texas A&M Post Game Reaction

Before today, Bill Callahan was ranked at #2, Dennis Franchione at #4 at Coaches Hot Seat. Any guess as to how that ranking will change by tomorrow?

4-4, probably on our way to 4-8. It's going to be a tough, tough, tough season.

I heard if you apply, they'll give you free tacos. They're just looking for answers too.
  • Was there a loss in this game? If Nebraska won, we'd have won the game and been one more step to a bowl game. That's a good thing. If we lost, Bill Callahan has driven one more nail in his coffin. I'd rather have a Nebraska win.
  • Once again, the offense let us down. That's the most shocking thing about this season. We knew the defense sucked after the USC game, so that shouldn't continue to be a surprise. The offense sucking? It wasn't supposed to be this way.
  • With Helu, Castille, Lucky, and Mendoza coming back, whomever the coach is next season will have a good group of running back to work with. (Trying to be positive here, okay?)
  • Sam Keller - goat. His single-season audition for the NFL tells me he'll be playing in the CFL or Arena League. The guy just can't make the throws. Under pressure, not under pressure, it doesn't matter.
  • I listened to the KRNU feed for the game. UNL students, write, produce, and do everything. It wasn't bad. Some of the play by play stuff was the detail I was looking for, and whoever did color did all right. The play by play guy needs to learn his football a little better, i.e., but hey, they're young and learning.
  • Rumors rumors rumors. Bill Callahan will resign tomorrow. Kevin Cosgrove will commit Seppuku. Not going to happen. Resign yourself to living through this season with these guys as your coaches. Why? Because if you're a coach, you don't desert your players, and don't forget that these players came to Nebraska to play for Callahan and Cosgrove.  Consider it penance for all the glory years. I can handle that, can't you?