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Big 12 Roundtable - Thick of the Season

I'm late on this. I know.

1. If you could steal another coach at any level (head, assistant, etc.) from another school, who would it be and why?

That's a two million dollar a year question, isn't it?

I was going to say Jim Leavitt, but after watching South Florida spike the ball with 1:21 left and bring up a 3rd and 22, I'm convinced he's a complete idiot. I'm sure someone else straps on his velcro shoes for him in the morning. He scowls really well. Nebraska hasn't had a coach that scowls well since Danny Nee left basketball. I think that's what's missing from the program.

I would take Bo Pelini from LSU so that LSU would lose two of their coaches at the end of the season. Not only that, but when we beat Kansas State at home, he and Ron Prince could meet at midfield and get it on. Nebraska is so needing a real rival right now, and there's nothing like two coaches going after each other to establish a rivalry.

I'll probably put some serious thought into this after this weekend. After we win or lose against Texas A&M.

2. What two teams will play for the Big XII Championship and why?

Kansas and Oklahoma. Oklahoma because they're the best in the conference and the rest of the Big 12 South other than Texas Tech is dysfunctional.

Kansas because they have a great schedule to get there. Not only that but they have the fourth-ranked defense in the nation, and the seventh-ranked offense. They have built these stats against inferior opponents, but they have pounded everyone to dust but their rival Kansas State whom they only beat by six points. They're not going to experience a let-down because they'll always feel like they have something to prove, all the way up to their last game against much-hated Mizzou on a neutral field.

3. What is the best bowl game your team has a realistic shot at and, if your team has a shot, who would you like to play in said bowl?

Bowl game? I can't think past Texas A&M at this point. It's day-to-day from here on out, man!

4. If given the opportunity, would you keep the Big XII status quo or kick out a team and go to a Big 10-style conference play?

Having lived in Big Tenelevenland for 20 years, I'm not so enamored by it. You could make the point that Nebraska could go back to playing an annual rivalry game against Oklahoma. Unfortunately more often than that you end up with a fake conference champion because the top teams in a given year may not play each other.

Conference title games represent what is basically a playoff system in college football. They generate a gob of money for the conference, and many of them are good games. If you don't like the idea that a good team could get upset and miss a BCS bowl, then if you're the good team, win the conference title game.

Kick out a team? Everyone will say Baylor.

5. Rank the Big XII teams


Yes, I'm in denial.

Oh, hell. Why not.


Texas Tech
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas A&M
Iowa State