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2007 College Football Week 8 Predictions

Another week, an athletic director fired. Ah, well.

If Nebraska loses this game, you can bet we'll lose the rest. It's time for the youngsters to come in and play well, give the team a boost and a trip to a bowl game. Even a meager bowl would be better than nothing. I'm not one of those people who hopes we lose the rest of our games so Bill Callahan is 100% fired because we still have to get these players playing football, instead of standing around. Don't pretend that what we do this season doesn't carry over into the next.

When this season started, Nebraska and Missouri were the only REAL contenders for the North. This is why we love the game. You never know what a group of 18-22 year olds are going to do, good or bad.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Texas A&M @ Nebraska

    Line:  Huskers by 2

    Husker Mike: Pundits call this one the "Contract Buyout Bowl"; I prefer to call this the "Bo Pelini Playoff".  How much inspiration will the team take from the return of Tom Osborne?  Not much.  How much inspiration will the coaches take from Tom Osborne.  Absolutely none.  Howmuch inspiration will fans and support staff take from the return of Tom Osborne?  Plenty...but it won't make much difference.
    Fran's Obsolete Offense 31, Billy C's West Nile Offense  13

    corn blight: But the Huskers will feed off the crowd and find some linebackers that will tackle J-Train. Could be our last win of the season. Plus Charlie McBride was there this week. Oh, hell. Aggies 31, Nebraska 28

  • Oklahoma @ Iowa State
    Line: OU by 29.5

    Husker Mike: Why the he** is this game on TV?  Doesn't the FCC have laws against obscenities?
    Boomers 63, Big Wind 3
    corn blight:  Agreed. It's another coaching moment for Gene Chizik. Sooners 54, Iowa State 10

  • Kansas @ Colorado

    Line: KU by 4

    Husker Mike:  Wait a minute... Sagarin has Kansas 4th in the nation?
    Rock Chalk 35, Hawk Love 7
    corn blight:  Intriguing game, actually. Kansas has to start showing they're for real, not just in ratings. KU 31, CU 17

  • Texas Tech @ Mizzou

    Line: Missouri by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Ruffin McNeill-love finally runs out...
    Pinkel Factor 38, Arm Sling 21
    corn blight:  If the Pinkel Factor is going to kick in, it's this week. Tech 38, Missouri 35

  • Kansas State @ Oklahoma State

    Line:  OSU by 3

    Husker Mike: Mike Gundy wishes he could play a Bill Callahan team EVERY week.
    Stomp 28, I'm a Man 17
    corn blight: OSU plays well at home. KSU is still learning. I'll take the MEN. OSU 28, KSU 24

  • Texas @ Baylor

    Line: Texas by 25

    Husker Mike: Again, why is this game on TV, albeit on Versus?  The only question which Texas is going to show up.  One week they look like they are top 10, the next, they look Nebraska. Mack's Bad Week 24, Da Bears 10
    corn blight: Texas gets Iowa State and Baylor in a row to feel better about themselves. Texas 38, Baylor 17

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Michigan State @ Ohio State

    Line: Buckeyes by 17

    Husker Mike: Brutus 31, Sparty 13
    corn blight: Shouldn't Ohio State lose this game this year because of the high-rank curse? Michigan State 28, Ohio State 24

  • Florida @ Kentucky

    Line: Gators by 7

    Husker Mike: I smell shootout... Gators 42, Wildcats 31
    corn blight:  The Gators seem a bit discombobulated. Out of sorts. Confused. Kentucky 35, Florida 31

  • Auburn @ LSU

    Line: LSU by 11

    Husker Mike: Yellow & Purple Tigers 28, Blue & Orange Tigers 7
    corn blight:   LSU at home again, and angry and ready to prove themselves after last week. LSU 27, Auburn 13

  • Tennessee @ Alabama

    Line:  'Bama by 11

    Husker Mike: Rocky Top 28, Saban Nation 24
    corn blight:   Alabama 38, Tennessee 24

  • USC @ Notre Dame

    Line:  USC by 18

    Husker Mike: Pete Carroll finally catches his breath and dismisses the naysayers...
    Trojans 56, Amish 7
    corn blight: Talk about games that shouldn't be on TV. Wait. We get to see Charlie Weis destroyed. That's not a bad thing, is it?
    USC 48, Irish 21

  • Michigan @ Illinoise

    Line:  Wolverines by 3

    Husker Mike: Chief Illiniwek 28, Weasels 20
    corn blight: I think Michigan gets it going. They're ranked after this week. Mike Hart plays, Meechigan 27, Illinois 23