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Callahan/Osborne Flap

Today's Daily Nebraskan features some excerpts from a new book by one of their student writers over the Steve Pederson/Bill Callahan era at Nebraska. Titled "The Nebraska Way", it features quite a few quotes from former Nebraska trainer Doak Ostergard, who was dismissed earlier this year from the athletic department.

Here's a couple of the more incendiary quotes from the article:

Some of Crowl's accounts - mostly from Ostergard - indicate that Callahan became disconnected with the state, its traditions and the history of its football program.

In one instance, Ostergard recalled a meeting with Callahan where the coach voiced his frustration over an article printed in a local newspaper.

"F-ing people need to get a life," Ostergard quoted Callahan as saying in the book.

In the book, Ostergard continues to quote Callahan:

"Why don't they go read a book or get lost in the Sandhills? I'm going to get me a real newspaper. I'm going to read The New York Times."

Callahan also grew impatient with former coach Osborne, Ostergard told Crowl.

After a phone conversation with the former coach, who was serving in Washington as a congressman, Ostergard said Callahan referred to Osborne as "a crusty old f-."

The Omaha World-Herald had more comments from Callahan and Osborne, including some clarifying statements. Note that Callahan doesn't deny making the statements, though Osborne doesn't seem to take offense by them either.

Much to do about nothing? An awkward situation for Callahan? A revenge job by Ostergard? A little of everything?

Hard to say...but it certainly doesn't give you any more reason to think the Bill Callahan era is going to last until Advent...