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Morning Coffee: The Coaches Are Still Alive Edition

What? No 6:00 pm press conference last night to announce that coaches have resigned, fired, been tarred and feathered or shot in the back of the head with a small-caliber handgun? We can't wait! Things have to happen now!

#1 With "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" in 1971. Not a great choice for coach, though.

No doubt there's a lot of consternation amongst the coaching staff coming into the Texas A&M game, but it should be noted that swearing at work can boost team spirit and morale. Keep this in mind as a quick comeback to your spouse as you're paying attention to this Saturday's games.

Relax. We have a season to finish. Things take time and getting Husker football back on track is certainly one of them.

If we're ready to punt the existing coaching staff, who should be the next head coach? We hear the names. Bo Pelini, Bo Pelini, Turner Gill, Charlie McBride, maybe even Charlie Pride. How about a well thought out list for a change!

I promise I will try really hard to not make any "good doctor" references with regards to Tom Osborne's PHD like Trev Alberts does as long as Osborne is acting AD.

People in Michigan are still all pissy about that '97 championship. Boo hoo, chumpsters. Maybe all y'all should be concerned about beating Illinois Saturday instead of whining about the past.

Pot calling the kettle black? What you talkin' 'bout?

Just how is Turner Gill doing? The Bullalo Bulls are tied for first in their division. (HT: Brendan Loy)

Husker Mike and Brandon at Hi-Plains Drifter post their remarks for the latest Big Red Roundtable.

I'm not sure about being "The Greatest Fans in College Football"  but I know that Nebraskans are reasonable people. As evidence, I offer:

While judges have extended that to include both local and state government agencies, Mock doubted that the definition would extend to the NU Foundation, a nonprofit corporation. "Those aren't public funds," he said.

Omaha attorney George Achola, who advises the Omaha Housing Authority on personnel issues, called that a shell game.

Achola, a former Husker who acknowledges that he wasn't fond of Pederson, noted that Pederson's salary during his tenure was paid by the university — a governmental entity that relies on a mixture of public and private funds.

Achola said he considered suing to challenge the constitutionality of the buyout. Ultimately, he decided against it because he thinks the university needs to move on.

An attorney passing up on a high-profile law suit because it's good for something other than himself? Man, if somehow he could infect the rest of the legal industry with that attitude, he could change the world. CHANGE the world.