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Define: "Husker Heritage" and "The Nebraska Way"

I've seen the terms "Husker Heritage" and "The Nebraska Way" more times tonight than I care to see them again.Can someone give me an accurate definition of either of these terms? They only seem to bring out internal conflict for me.

Here's an example:

Steve Pederson wasn't a "Husker Heritage" guy despite the fact that he was around Nebraska's athletic department longer than Bo Pelini who seems to be a "Husker Heritage" guy despite being in Lincoln only a single season.

From the KOLN web site - is there something implied here that we don't know about?

More? Okay.

Tom Osborne is a "Husker Heritage" guy even though he hand-picked Steve Pederson as his guy and did the same for Frank Solich (meaning that he's 0 for 2). Don't take this as some type of judgement against Osborne because I understand what he means to the state of Nebraska. I'm trying to make a point here.

Turner Gill is a "Husker Heritage" guy because, well, because he's probably one of the best human beings that I can think of that's been associated with Husker football since he arrived in 1980.

It seems to me that a "Husker Heritage" guy is someone who was affiliated in any way with the football team, but was successful at it. In other words, "Husker Heritage" guys are not losers. Do I have that correct?

And what exactly is "The Nebraska Way"?

I ask these things not to be obnoxious but because I'd like someone to define them. They're going to be part of the conversations we have over the next couple of months and I'd rather we not throw them around as if everyone agrees on their meaning unless we define it. Fair?

So... define away, please.