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Nebraska: Osborne Named Interim Athletic Director

As if you couldn't seen this one coming yesterday. As if Harvey Perlman didn't already know Sunday. But, it's official, Tom Osborne is the interim AD, coming back from his journey through politics to save us all from Pediocrity.

In Tom We Trust.

Maybe this was planned all along. After all, Devaney got to be athletic director after retiring as head football coach. The only thing that stood between Osborne and that position was Steve Pederson. He had to go, and away he went. That sounds cruel, doesn't it? Far-fetched? Well, it is, so if you hear of someone coming up with that kind of rumor kill it immediately.

The thing that killed Steve Pederson was himself. The same goes for Frank Solich.

Another rumor to kill is the idea that the coaches have already been informed of their fate and that they're to be fired after the Colorado game. Tell me who would have already told them this if there is no one running the athletic department?

Dave Rimington is coming back, and Turner Gill will be the next head coach. Both are possibilities, along with Bo Pelini. Hell, maybe Tom will make himself head football coach. Maybe Bill Callahan will resurrect the season, win the Big 12 North, the Big 12 Championship and get into a BCS bowl. Anything is possible at this point.

Anyone think we can beat Texas A&M this Saturday? Does anyone still care?