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Nebraska - Oklahoma State Post Game Reaction: Time For A Change

Normally I'd call these posts an "over-reaction", but the problem is you have to care enough to over-react. This Husker team today clearly showed that they're not beyond complete embarrassment, from barely moving out of the tunnel walk to walking through the rest of the game.

  • I did watch the game today. Paid my thirty bucks, but for me it can be considered a business expense. Otherwise, I don't know why anyone would bother. If the team doesn't care, why should the fans?
  • You can blame coaches to a point but they clearly bare the final burden. The fact that this team didn't care enough to show up tells me that the problem extends beyond the coaches.
  • Kevin Cosgrove needs to be fired now, not at the end of the season. There has to be something done to shake up this team. Or get used to watching this garbage for the rest of the season. He makes enough money that he's not going to be destitute, so stop the crying and let him go. If Bill Callahan can't do that now, he probably isn't capable of doing it at the end of the season either.
  • There was a little booing. A little. Let's have a meltdown about it, shall we? Or should we let it go with the realization that something worse has happened. People have moved from disgust to apathy. It takes effort to boo. Could it be that this team is beyond effort? For a great many people, that's where we are now.
  • "Through These Gates Pass the Greatest Fans In College Football". Most people equate that with sportsmanship. I'd also equate it with intelligence. Nebraska know what they're seeing.
  • Your priority seating is based upon the contribution you gave this year, right? If you don't give that again next year, you'll lose those great seats, right? Well, in a normal year. So the question you're asking yourself is whether or not the base donation attached to those seats is going to drop like a rock. Right now, Harvey Perlman is wondering the same thing. The best thing  you can do is call the athletic department and inform them that your base donation needs to go down but you expect the same seats next year.
  • This team could go 4-8. Prepare yourselves.