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2007 College Football Week 7 Predictions

It's past time to be looking ahead to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, although it's hard to put the ass-kicking by Pinkel's boys of your mind. I certainly hope that's not the case for the Huskers this week. Still, we're playing an opponent whose biggest claim to fame is their coach's tirade about a newspaper article, and we're playing them at home. Bottom line - if we can't win this one, we won't have much choice but to be looking forward to basketball season. That's not saying much, is it?

Still, some compelling stories around the nation. Can Mizzou prove themselves against Oklahoma? Do the uConn Huskies play real football? Who's less lethargic on offense - Wisconsin or Penn State? Can Bo's defense withstand the Wildcats offensive onslaught?

  • Big 12 Games

  • Oklahoma State @ Nebraska

    Line:  Huskers by 4

    Husker Mike: Both teams have had their moments.
    corn blight: Both teams are seeking manhood.
    Husker Mike: It's in Lincoln.
    corn blight: Okie State sucks on the road.
    Husker Mike: It's more a must win for Billy C than Mikey G... NU 38, Pokes 35
    corn blight: Who knows the Okie State defensive coordinator's name? Huskers 27, Cowpokes 24

  • Colorado @ Kansas Sate
    Line: KSU by 5.5

    Husker Mike: CU is improved...but I still think KSU is 'mo bettah.  No way they lose 2 in a row, KSU 27, CU 17
    corn blight:  KSU will probably win, it's their week to play well. KSU 27, CU 23

  • Baylor @ Kansas

    Line: KSU by 25

    Husker Mike:  Mangino eats the whole bear...  KU 56, Baylor 3
    corn blight:  Kansas has a letdown and still wins by 21, KU 35, Baylor 14

  • Mizzou @ Oklahoma

    Line: Oklahoma by 10.5

    Husker Mike: I smell letdown, Sooners 38, Tigers 17
    corn blight:  Win this game, and the Chase Daniel Heisman talk begins. Lose, and they're the same old Missouri. So long Pinkel Factor! Mizzou 24, OU 21

  • Texas A&M @ Texas Tech

    Line:  Tech by 8.5

    Husker Mike: Leach's Arm 38, Fran's Newsletter 10
    corn blight: Dennis Franchione's idiotic idea to sell insider information continues to be a distraction, while Tech plays to honor Mike Leach's broken arm. This game determines whether the Aggies are lost or not.  Tech 31, A&M 14

  • Texas @ Iowa State

    Line: Texas Tech by 16

    Husker Mike: Texas 34, Clones 10
    corn blight: Texas 27, ISU 13

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Wisconsin @ Penn State

    Line: Penn State by 6.5

    Husker Mike: Young Whippersnapper 21, Old Fart 17
    corn blight: Anthony Morellli plays one of those ol' wooden cigar-store Indians and gets splintered. Wisconsin 23, Penn State 20

  • LSU @ Kentucky

    Line: LSU by 9

    Husker Mike: LSU 31, Kentucky 17
    corn blight:  LSU will be all over Kentucky's Woodson. LSU 28, Kentucky 14

  • uConn @ Virginia

    Line:  Virginia by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Eenie meanine minie mo. Va 24, UConn 20
    corn blight:   Both bad offenses, Virginia at home, Virginia 21, uConn 17

  • Auburn @ Arkansass

    Line:  Arkansas by 3

    Husker Mike: Auburn 20, Arkansas 17
    corn blight:  Arkansas 23, Auburn 17

  • Washington @ Arizona State

    Line:  Sun Devils by 12

    Husker Mike: ASU 41, UW 10
    corn blight:  Arizona State has way too much offense, Sun Devils 38, Washington 21