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So What Are You REALLY Thinking, HuskerNation?

After the Iowa State game, I met up briefly with Corn Blight and said that if the Huskers didn't improve significantly, they might go 0-for-October. He poo-poo'ed that talk at that time, but now after Missouri Mizery, I'm not so sure about that either.

Let's be honest here. None of the three remaining games this month are automatic wins or losses. If they play well, they can take all three. But considering they haven't really played will since Labor Day, they can just as easily lose all those games.

Furthermore, I've noticed that while the Ball State game raised a lot of questions, the Missouri game convinced a lot of fans that there are serious, serious problems with the football program. (91% of responses graded the Missouri game a 0 or an F... Yikes!) Radio talkshows are full of calls for heads to roll from defensive coordinators to athletic directors.

Not that anything can be done now...we've still got half a football season to play and there aren't a bunch of out-of-work football coaches sitting around waiting for a call from Lincoln. Besides, can outsiders really turn this thing around this season? But the calls keep coming.

So what do you guys think? Let's see some comments as to what folks want to see happen?