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Blogpoll Initial Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 1
2 Southern Cal 1
3 California 5
4 Wisconsin 3
5 Boston College 6
6 South Florida 12
7 Ohio State 2
8 Hawaii 7
9 Kentucky 17
10 Georgia 4
11 Missouri 6
12 Cincinnati 14
13 Virginia Tech 3
14 Oklahoma 11
15 Oregon 3
16 South Carolina 6
17 Arizona State 9
18 Kansas 1
19 Florida 14
20 Purdue --
21 West Virginia 17
22 Texas 16
23 Miami (Florida) 2
24 Nebraska --
25 Kansas State 1

Dropped Out: Rutgers (#10), Clemson (#13), Michigan State (#21), Penn State (#23).

Here's my initial blogpoll ballot for the week. I watched the USC - Washington game for a while and thought USC looked very ordinary, so I dropped them below LSU.

Cal  moves up to #3 - did anyone notice how far off the Oregon defensive backs were playing DeShean Jackson?

I still like Wisconsin. They play ugly football, but they've always played ugly football and found a way to win. I'll rank them higher than Ohio State in the Big 10 because OSU doesn't have much of an offense. They should have crushed Minnesota much worse than they did.

BC moves up, South Florida contained the three-headed monster that is Mountaineer football. That's pretty impressive and they get rewarded for it.

I hadn't ranked Kentucky before, believing that they're a fluke (and I"m still not convinced). Missouri goes to #11? ee what all those losses have done? Complete, utter chaos.

Cincinnati goes to #12. I did watch them dismantle a decent Oregon State team a few weeks ago, they deserve some consideration.

I thought about ranking Auburn, but no. One good game does not a team make.

Discrepancies? Injustice? Let me know, please.