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2006 Final Polls - Boise Gets Hosed

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Nebraska ended up unranked in either poll, a rather disappointing result for the season. I had figured that we would end up ranked around the mid to high teens. Only Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 remain ranked in either poll, a disappointing season for the conference.

I am disgusted with the fact that Boise State finished with an undefeated season yet ends up ranked fifth in the AP Poll, and sixth in the coach's poll. I'm sure the voter's argument is that they didn't play anybody,  but they had good wins over Oregon State and Oklahoma. That resume' compares favorably that with Big 10 powerhouses Ohio State and Michigan.

Ohio State beat Texas early in the season, then late they played Michigan, winning but giving up 39 points. Michigan's big win was over Notre Dame, but they also beat Wisconsin at home. Wisconsin beat the likes of Bowling Green, Western Illinois, San Diego State, and bottom dweller Buffalo. Doesn't this sound a bit like a house of cards? Given that the two crown jewels of the Big 10 got utterly destroyed in their bowl games, shouldn't we conclude that the Big 10 was a pretty mediocre conference (even with Wisconsin beating Arkansas)? After that national title game, Ohio State ends up number two?

No doubt that voters took the easy way out, placing USC, LSU, Ohio State and Wisconsin ahead of Boise State. Yet it smacks of hypocrisy because it's doubtful any of these schools are ringing up the Boise State athletic office to schedule a home and home with them anytime soon. There is too good a chance they'll lose. Besides, they wouldn't want to be responsible for increasing Boise's strength of schedule, would they?