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Not Much of A Title Game

I won't be crying myself to sleep tonight over the way that the Buckeyes got destroyed in a national title game, but could they at least have made a game of it? Made it interesting, fun to watch, maybe a contest?

Florida's defense smothered the Buckeyes, Ohio State managed 82 total yards of offense. Maybe they would have done better had they not spent the majority of the game sulking. The body language of the Buckeye players said it all - they had a brief spurt in the third quarter where they showed some energy, but other than that, they were defeated before the second half had started and it showed. It'll be interesting to see the articles that come out of this game as to why Ohio State  and, especially Troy Smith, played so lifelessly.

Despite all of the gnashing of teeth earlier in the season things tend to work themselves out by the end of the season. There was all this whining about the changing of the votes to get Florida into the national title game, then Michigan gets embarrassed by USC, then Florida destroys Ohio State and makes it all a moot point.

What do we get out of it?

- Florida Gators fans get to spend a lot of money on 'National Championship' trinkets.

-The Big Ten wasn't the conference you thought it was, after watching both Michigan and Ohio State get demolished in their bowl games. It's too bad the rest of the nation can't force them to have a conference title game.

- A split national title, since I don't see how you could not vote Boise State #1 after having a perfect season, although I'm sure it won't work out that way. I realize that Florida destroyed a good Ohio State Buckeyes team, but you can't get any better than perfect, and that's what Boise State did.

Ahh, well. The season has come to an end. Congratulations to the Florida Gators!