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2006 National Title Game - Ohio State - Florida

Tostitos BCS Championship Game, Jan. 8th, 7:00 pm CST, Fox

The big un - Florida vs. Ohio State

This game is a week late, and it feels like it, doesn't it? Doesn't seem to be that much hype around the game, almost as if it isn't happening.

I picked Florida in this game, the biggest reason being that they've had to sit around for three weeks now hearing about how great Ohio State is, how they don't stand a chance, Troy Smith's play-making abilities and Jim Tressel's sweater vests. The Gators will want to come out in this game and prove that they belong.

Reasons for a Florida win:

  • The better conference - Big 10 or SEC (If you answered Big 10 here, you really need to get out more often).
  • Florida can and will stop Ohio State running the football. Florida is #2 against the run and they have an excellent defensive line.
  • Ohio State's run defense. Florida can run. Keep Ohio State's explosive offense off the field, and the Gators win the game.
  • Tim Tebow's dad. His Kung Fu is stronger than yours, mine, and Ohio State's. He'll will Florida to win from the sideline. Just ask him.  
  • Heisman jinx will damage Troy Smith worse than the Gators can.
Mrs. Corn Nation and I are currently tied in the In The Bleachers bowl pick 'em. She picked Ohio State. I picked Florida. So one of us will have bragging rights, and the other will most likely finish last.

Florida     23   
Ohio State     21