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The Good News - We're Not the Only Ones that Suck

The bad news is that we still sucked this year when it comes to quality wins, losing four games to top-ten ranked teams. At least those four losses were against the best teams in the nation.

And the good news is that we're not alone in our sucking! The Big 12 finished 0-14 against ranked non-conference opponents this season, so Nebraska wasn't alone in sucking in Big games this year. (HT:BON)

0-14. Zero out of fourteen tries. Doesn't this point to some kind of divine intervention? What did we do to piss God off? Or better yet, what did Colorado do? Isn't it enough that they suffered through a 2-12 season?

If we're willing to accept that it's divine intervention, then the other remaining question is - what did the Big East do right?

About Nebraska:

 And Callahan, who appeared to be putting his penchant for knucklehead news behind him, lost the Cotton Bowl with his lame decisions against Auburn. Callahan also gets to break in a new quarterback and defensive line in 2007.

He doesn't mention the non-conference schedule that includes Nevada, Wake Forest and USC.

All signs point toward my continued downhill slide towards alcoholism in 2007, but that has to happen before I can have a 'comeback from despair' story that gets me the much-desired invitation to the Oprah Winfrey show.