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Space Commander Whack Returns!

This doesn't have a darned thing to do with Husker sports. Well, unless you include the "Mean Farmer" episode in which the Mean Farmer talks about how much he loves the Huskers, and sneaking up on the concession people with an air horn....

Anyhow, I was browsing around iTunes this evening looking for some new podcasts to listen to now that college football season is coming to a close, when I happened to find an old friend named Space Commander Wack. Space Commander Wack was the creation of a couple of DJ's named "Otis Twelve" and Diver Dan Doomey that were on Z-92 in Omaha in the 80's.

They've been out there for a few months, but perhaps it was only by divine intervention that I stumbled onto them as this time of year I'm typically looking for something to keep me from sinking into depression now that we've come to a time when it is no longer football season.

And what a better way to stay out of depression than to run into old friends Space Commander Wack, Stupid Larry, and Glorf the dead martian dog! There are 59 episodes of Space Commander Wack, Space Commander; the Mean Farmer; and Lance Stallion, Radio Detective. Head out to iTunes and do a power search for Otis Twelve. They're only three minutes apiece, but maybe they can last for a while.

The Time When It is No Longer Football Season

We'll start some discussions about things to do when it is no longer football season within the next few days. I had hoped to start that tonight, but I have a nasty virus infection to take care of at a customer site. Very frustrating, but it's important to keep your systems clean, right?